Cody Enfinger



Sharing the stage with artists such as John Anderson, Easton Corbin, Lo-Cash Cowboys, Jackyl, Deana Carter, Justin Moore, Montgomery Gentry, Black Molly, and performing with singer-songwriters Cole Taylor (Florida-Georgia Line, Luke Bryan) and Eric Durrance (Tobacco Rd. Band, Jake Owens), Cody Enfinger has steadily claimed the title of a “big fish in a small pond” thanks to his genuine on-stage guitar performances.

As far back as the Southwest Georgia guitarist can remember, he has always had a fascination with guitars. “My whole life I’ve been around guitars and music,” said Cody. “There has never been a time I wasn’t around them.”

The Enfinger family tree is rooted in music. For generations the Enfingers have played guitars. Today, there are three generations who enjoy a good pickin’—Cody, his father and 83-year old grandfather.

“There was always someone in the family who played,” added Cody.

While in high school, the young guitarist became serious about playing. In his journey to find the guitar of choice, Cody discovered a love for Fender. He explained he wanted a Fender Telecaster so bad it hurt. He would obsess over the thought of owning one day after day. When Cody turned 18, he finally purchased a 2009 Fender Telecaster—and the rest is history.

Since that time, Enfinger has strived to bring a fresh spin on any genre of music.

Although Cody has influences ranging across the musical spectrum, he has a musical influence on others that can only be explained as “being himself.”

He said, “I just get up on stage and play. Making music is what I do—and it’s what I plan on doing as a professional career.”